Model of the Week: Cheddy Oakafor

CTL: Mack Weldon


Sitting down to talk with Cheddy Oakafor, the last thing we expected to find out first was how the Andrew Christian model takes part in Nigerian celebrations from time to time in which men dress up like roosters and perform a traditional dance. The beat of the drums used in those circumstances continue to pulsate through the blood of Cheddy, who holds traditions close while also showing off his moves in the now infamous Andrew Christian “Twerk Off” video. That said, life hasn’t always been so vibrant for the 6’1″ model, who admits that his sexuality continues to be a topic not widely accepted by his family. All in all, the West Hollywood native, who currently lives with fellow AC models Noah Wright and Jeffrey Hawkins, approaches life with enthusiasm and positivity, not taking anything for granted and embracing the moment whenever he can.

Check out our interview as well as a FULL GALLERY of the Andrew Christian model on the following page. 


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