Mensuas Joins Colbra & Uprising of Love To Raise Funds For The Russian LGBTI Community

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Earlier this week, we brought a special word from Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown about how you can enjoy the Olympics, support the LGBTI community, and have fun by joining one of the Pride Houses happening across the US. Today, from 9PM-12AM, $1 of every drink sold at participating bars, clubs, and restaurants will go towards the Russia Freedom Fund, which raises funds to combat LGBTI discrimination in Russia.

“When Uprising of Love shared their Pride House movement with us and asked us to collaborate on a video to help spread the message, we were immediately 100% committed,” Colby told The Underwear Expert. “People want to support their home country athletes, but not an event that blatantly disregards equality.

“Pride House has been the first response that I’ve heard of that brings the community together, enables you to support the athletes, and gives you a way to aid our LGBTI Russian brothers and sisters,” he continued.

[VIDEO] Colbra Discuss Uprising of Love Pride House 2014

But, Colby’s involvement with Uprising of Love does not stop at Pride House. Colby, his fiance Brandon, and Uprising of Love have teamed up with Mensuas for a special underwear offer. From now until the end of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics (2/7-2/23), Mensuas will donate $1 of every pair of underwear sold to the Russian Freedom Fund. It will also give you 10% off your purchase when you use the promo code UPRISINGLV during check out. Now, you can support your favorite team, help raise funds for the LGBT community, and wear your favorite patriotic underwear as well.

Though you can get involved in this way, Colby would encourage you to keep equality in Russia in your heart even after the Olympics. “This isn’t a problem that can be fixed overnight. It also can’t be fixed unless we come together,” he said. “We need to let our fellow LGBTI know that we are with them and they are not forgotten. They need us and it’s time to stand together and fight for what SHOULD be basic human rights.”

Video Credit: Colby Melvin


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