Ladies Choice: 5 Days, 5 Pairs Of Men’s Underwear


We need to talk about women in men’s underwear. This is, apparently, a phenomenon that is taking the Internet by storm—a simple Google search shows plenty of forums in which both men and women want to know, “How many women wear men’s underwear?” or “Do women wear men’s underwear?” and “Is that considered strange?”.

Well, if you’re a long time reader of The Underwear Expert, you probably know that when it comes to underwear, nothing is considered strange. And as the newest member (and only woman!) of the team, I knew I had to up my game as soon as possible in order to bring you the best news, updates, and everything in between regarding men’s underwear. Let me break it down for you.

Personal men’s underwear instances of my life, prior to The Underwear Expert:

  1. Old Navy boxers to sleep in
  2. N/A

That wasn’t going to fly. In order to get the full TUX experience, I decided to try a different pair of men’s undies every day for a week, from some of our favorite brands. Here’s how it went.

Monday: Jac5 Barking Mad Body Trunk
Made from 72.5% polyamide and 27.5% elastane, this trunk was incredibly comfortable. Jac5 uses an innovative polymer with their fabric, which responds to your body’s temperature, so it keeps you warm or cool depending on how you’re feeling. In short: amazing.

Tuesday: Ken Wroy New York Skyline Low-Rise
Ken Wroy’s trunk might have been the softest underwear I’ve ever experienced. The low-rise aspect makes it easy to wear under jeans, and, being a New Yorker, I loved the skyline design. I would recommend this pair to anyone.

Wednesday: Andres Velasco Baroque Trunk
I couldn’t get over the print of these, which is bold, colorful, and fun. They’re made out of nylon and spandex, so the underwear is very sleek and sexy—not to mention form-fitting, even without the right equipment. 

Thursday: C-IN2 Filthy Lo No Show Army Trunk
I wore these in pink. They’re textured, but still soft, and actually look really good. I love the idea of the “Filthy” line, which gives credit to hard work. The pouch was a little bigger than the others, but not to the point where I was uncomfortable.

Friday: Toot Metallic PT Jock Strap
Toot’s pink, metallic jock strap is a great fit for any man. Made from 92% polyester and 8% polyurethane, it’s shiny and chic; and it comes in three colors. Unfortunately, jock straps are simply not made for women. To be a good sport, I tried it on—but only for a minute. This style is all yours, gentlemen.


Photo Credit: Stonemen, Jac5, Andres Velasco


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  1. javan says:

    I am curious how she would have liked a man thong, but not one with a super pouch. Perhaps something from the Jockey Seamfree line. Though I wish that line had a dedicated pouch, it stretches nicely. I could see a woman using it.

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