Johna Myers Is A Go-Go Ninja Turtle & More Model Instagram Pics

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Johna Myers

This week in underwear model Instagram pics, Johna Myers invited us into the world of Sickening Saturdays at Fairytale Lounge in NYC. A self proclaimed “go-go ninja,” Johna took it up a notch this week going full out “go-go ninja turtle.” Which was his turtle of choice? None other than the orange mask wearing Michaelangelo. The photo further shows that this team Johna event is not one to be missed.

Another native New Yorker, Anton Antipov, showed off his current gym progress, posting a before and after pic. Besides giving us all a bit of ab envy, he offered a double stuffed underwear sighting for his fans.

Over in WeHo, Colby Melvin has been out promoting Uprising of Love Pride House 2014. One of the highlights from this video with the other half of Colbra, Brandon Brown, was a shot of him slipping into a pair of American flag briefs. He took to social media to offer some direction to those wanting a pair for themselves before the Olympics begin this Friday.

For more underwear model Instagram pics, check out the gallery below. Who is your favorite model to follow on Instagram? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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