The Ergowear Max Light Midcut gives you a lift!


As winter begins to die down, spring is on the horizon and the Ergowear Max Light Midcut — now available in fuchsia and lime — are just the thing that will keep you stylish, comfortable, and warm enough for the season.

The most fascinating part of the Ergowear Max Light Midcut ($24.93) is it’s 100% ergonomic design, which means it is made of ultra soft natural fibers—viscose and spandex—and absorbs more humidity and wicks more moisture than the standard cotton. It is also more resistant to shrinkage and provides a better stretch. Manufactured in a lightweight modal-Lycra, it’s white seams are stitched carefully for resistance and durability whilst it’s signature 1 1/3″ waistband gives the pair a cheeky touch that compliments the overall athletic and sexy look. But not only is this a pair that looks great, it also feels luxurious. The Ergowear Max Light Midcut delivers a three-dimensional pouch designed to accommodate your package by pulling it naturally and slightly up and to the forefront for maximum comfort and support, while giving the boys a lift.

The Ergowear Max Light Midcut is available in S-XL. Both lime and fuchsia are limited edition.

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For more information on the brand: Ergowear

Photo Credit: Ergowear


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