Dolce & Gabbana Models Teach Italian Gestures

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Your Italian teachers just got a lot hotter. Learn the language of love – well, more so popular Italian hand gestures – from the boys of the Fall/Winter ’15 D&G fashion show. As you may already know, Italians are notorious for their exaggerated hand movements and gestures; and, some of our favorite models, including Clint Mauro and Edward Wilding, help you perfect them. It’s almost as good as learning the actual language. Learn from the models how to make gestures that say, “WTF, I don’t care, keep calm, perfect and f**k off.”

Some other models you may recognize from the video include Kevin and Jonathan Sampaio, Joe Collier, Alessio Pozzi, Tony WArd, Noah Mills, Ryan Berrett and Oliver Chesire. Let us know which Dolce & Gabbana model got the gestures down and taught you the most by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Dolce & Gabbana

Photo/Video Credit: Dolce & Gabbana


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