Colbra Partners With Uprising of Love For LGBT Rights in Sochi

This Friday, bars, restaurants, and clubs from across the country will take part in Uprising of Love Pride House 2014 to show solidarity with LGBT Russians during the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Pride Houses are places where LGBT athletes, fans, and friends can gather together in celebration of international sporting events. There have been Pride Houses open in the hosting cities of the prior two Olympic ceremonies. However, this year, the Russian government has banned the establishment of a Pride House in Sochi.

Male underwear models, Colby Melvin and Brandon Robert Brown, are lending their faces to Uprising of Love and are spreading word about the event in the video above. During the opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics, one dollar of every drink sold in participating venues between 9PM and Midnight will be donated to the Russian Freedom Fund.

You can head over to to find the venue closest to you and find out more about supporting the Russian Freedom Fund.

Video Credit: via Colby Melvin


0 thoughts on “Colbra Partners With Uprising of Love For LGBT Rights in Sochi

  1. Arthur says:

    That is all well and good but what about the eight States of ours with laws that are worse than the one in Russia. There is a certain hypocrisy here. Those in glass houses shouldn’t stow thrones. If I had the choice of going to Texas or Sochi . . well I think I will ski. I don’t approve of either but I don’t like false claims

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