[BTS] Ben Riches Is The Face of Curbwear


Still considered a relatively new underwear brand on the market, Curbwear underwear comes to life by combining quality British design and is made in Portugal using eco-friendly processes.

The brand is mainly ran by three people: Kevin who creates, Rosa who makes the actual product, and Ben Riches who is their exclusive model. Ben encompasses the brand’s sporty but cheeky aesthetic with his rather toned body and fun and energetic smile. In the photo gallery below, you can find him wearing looks from their line, the Chelsea Polo collection; and, to switch it up, he’s also seen in looks from their Identity range which takes all of the guess work out of the equation when you’re trying to figure out your partners favorite position. While you’re at it, see the two videos included — one that goes BTS during their photo and video shoots. The other vid is for their campaign called, “Lift Strip,” where Ben enters an elevator fully-clothed and exits in a pair of Chelsea Briefs.

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For more information on the brand: Curbwear

Photo/Video Credit: Curbwear



0 thoughts on “[BTS] Ben Riches Is The Face of Curbwear

  1. Darryl McLain says:

    The fit of Curbwear on Ben is nice. They look comfortable without being clingy and restrictive. I would try a pair – or three. My opinion, the brand couldn’t have picked a better rep than Ben; he seems so funny and down-to-earth.

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