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Australian men’s underwear brand, Alpha + Omega takes its name from the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, which the brand ties into their saying: “We are the beginning of your new underwear and the end of your old.” The Underwear Expert likes to think of it as the underwear you should begin the day with, and also end up in. This rapidly growing brand, which was only just founded in May 2012, was started by two guys, Richard Soutter and Jonathan Tyson — and their little pooch Leelou.


Both of the founders had extensive careers in the fashion industry before they pursued their own ventures. Richard previously had 20 years of experience in fashion production, working as a design assistant for a brand named YPV/Pigsinspace before he spent another 10 years as a production manager for one of Australia’s most famous designers, Wayne Cooper. Now as head designer for Alpha & Omega, his underwear craftsmanship comes from sort of a side hobby, when he would design his own outfits to wear to Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parties.

See How The Alpha + Omega Brand Switches Up Men’s Underwear 

His partner in crime, Jonathan in responsible for all of the brand’s technology and financial operations. His resume is filled with the experiences of working on projects based in Australia.


Alpha & Omega products are designed and created to be the most comfortable pairs of underwear in your collection. When they started, the very first collections were made from well-balanced fabric blends of cotton and lycra. Since the success of their very first pieces, they have gone onto experiment with other fabric blends, bringing in more exotic fabrications that include bamboo extracts and milk protein fibers.

The Alpha + Omega Sling Brief Gives an All Access Pass 

The brand makes men’s underwear in all shapes and cuts including briefs, jockstraps, boxer-briefs and trunks, making sure to hit every different demographic they can. They are known for their expertly crafted pieces, but minimal designs. The brand uses bold solid colors and simplicity in their collections, so everything they produce is cohesive when standing beside their other ranges. Some of their first lines include the GX racing inspired Grand Prix collection, the retro color blocking line Gotham and the refreshing Lime Stripes collection.

Their steady growth in popularity has allowed the brand to come up with collections using those exotic fabrics mentioned before, like the Ringer and Memphis lines, which are made from 100% polyester from milk protein fibers. Alpha + Omega has also recently been exploring the sock industry by creating a range of Varsity Athletic Socks. With the positive feedback the brand has gotten so far, we can’t wait to see how they will expand on their already awesome collections, and what other avenues Alpha + Omega may explore next.

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