14 Red & Pink Valentine’s Day Underwear Picks


When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there are two colors that always seem to stand out: red and pink. Well, we’re pretty sure there is some grand story behind it, but, we think the reasoning behind this association is two-fold. One, the heart is actually reddish; and, two, there is a fun, airy quality in the color pink that can be linked back to the feeling of being absolutely in love. Because of this, when it comes to Valentine’s Day underwear, these two colors are safe bets.

There are a few things you can look for when purchasing a pair of red/pink underwear that are the same when purchasing any underwear. These are shade, texture, cut, and contrast. When you begin to shop for red/pink underwear, you’ll begin to see there are varying shades. For instance, the Andrew Christian Almost Naked boxer comes in a lighter shade of pink than the teamm8 Classic brief. Which one do you choose? Shade of color depends on your mood or the character you choose to put on. When you go bolder along the color spectrum, you are choosing to take on a bold, forward personality. We are not singling out lighter shades as too timid. Those are for the man who is a bit more flirtatious and coy.

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The next aspect to think about is texture, or, how you want the underwear to feel. Calvin Klein has some micro fiber looks while Mack Weldon is a cotton/modal blend. Choose the underwear that feels the best to you. This comes from simply knowing the fabric breakdown of the underwear in your drawer.

Cut is also important in terms of comfort and your mood. The Alpha + Omega Grand Prix brief has a sleek, high on the leg cut. When you put those on, they are probably best suited for situations you want to be undressed in during Valentine’s Day. Adversely, Obviously has a long boxer that comes in red for the guy that is a bit more conservative when it comes to showing off his legs. Also, it’s a great choice for winter weather in some areas.

Finally, contrast. We are always down for a great contrasting underwear, especially when discussing color. Contrasting colors help certain other colors pop. So, when purchasing a red/pink underwear, adding a bit of contrast will make those undies the center of attention. Garcon Model features contrast in a lot of their trunks. Their red trunk is mostly white with red contrast piping.

Check out our 14 red & pink Valentine’s Day underwear picks below. Will you go pink or red this V-Day? Let us know in the comments section or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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