12 Sexy & Sweet Valentine’s Day Underwear Picks

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Valentine's Day Underwear

As we get into the first week of February, we are reminded of one thing: Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Well, we’ve already been in the season since Christmas decorations went on sale at our local Duane Reades and the furry, pink, six foot tall dancing teddy bears who also sing Frank Sinatra’s “L.O.V.E” were put up in their place. Yeah, the singing bears are adorable — until the trend of snotty three year olds pressing the “Try Me” button becomes a bit exhausting, and all you can think about is how L is for the way he looks at you. Getting a lyric like this stuck in your head can have two different reactions. You can either start thinking about the guy who has chocolates waiting for you back at the apartment, or, it’s a cruel reminder that the only person looking at you is the guy on Grindr who is 46 feet away and coyly texting you in, what he believes, is a non stalkerish way.

Underwear shopping on Valentine’s also lends itself to two differing groups: the sweet, cute kind and the raunchy, sexy kind. Here at The Underwear Expert, we believe that whether you are the guy in a relationship, the guy who wants nothing to do with a relationship, or the guy on Grindr who just wants to get laid on V-Day, you can wear any of these picks because they have more to do with the way you feel in them versus someone else’s opinion.

When we talk about underwear for guys looking to pull off cute this Valentine’s Day, we would suggest sticking with colors that pop, prints that make a statement, and/or fabrics that are sensually soft. In terms of spicing it up for Valentine’s Day, we’d opt for darker tones, exaggerated/sexy cuts, and/or fabrics that border on kink.

Check out our 12 sexy and cute Valentine’s Day underwear picks below. Will you be innocent this V-Day or go wild? Let us know in the comments of by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: International Jock, Slick It Up, Pistol Pete, Gregg Homme, Nasty Pig, Andres Velasco, Andrew Christian, Jor, Tani, teamm8, Adrian C. Martin

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