11 Successful Underwear Kickstarter Campaigns

Underwear Kickstarter

Crowdsourcing/crowdfunding had a moment in 2013. For the longest time, it seemed like everyone who was anyone was trying to get some independent project off the ground. Remember that time James Franco, Zach Braff, and the cast of Veronica Mars took to crowdsourcing sites like IndieGogo and Kickstarter? Yeah, even actors who can afford to fund their own projects need the help of the common man.

That said, places like Kickstarter have also helped to fund new underwear brands as well as continue the mission of others. While some of the brands have been successful on Kickstarter because of their fashion forward aesthetic, others have offered fun gimmicks such as multiple adventure pockets to pitch their underwear.

Check out 13 successful underwear Kickstarter campaigns below. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Garcon Model

Backers: 365
Goal: $10,000 CAD
Pledged: $26, 464 CAD
Objective: After their very successful and popular first collection, the Canadian brand is gearing up for their highly anticipated second collection and are seeking Garcon Model fan’s input on their favorite color combinations. The brand is known for their close attention to detail when it comes to constructing the perfect pair of underwear. To make their second collection, they turned to Kickstarter so committed fans and new ones could help back the pledged $10,00 that it would cost to manufacture the line and get it into your hands and on your waist. Fans had the chance to pick and choose from many different color combinations in their three styles of cuts, and the top 20 picks will be manufactured and sold. You basically get to help them two-fold, and in return there are many rewards to receive — even a limited amount of backers will have the opportunity to custom design three unique pairs of underwear. The top backers will be rewarded the opportunity to visit the set of a photo shoot.


Backers: 303
Goal: £10,000
Pledged: £14,803
Objective: Dada grew out of the frustrations of founder Hamish Lawson who couldn’t stand that the same looking underwear was being repurposed — the only thing changing being the name of some celebrity or sports star. To make the most innovative underwear he could imagine, Hamish infused art, style, photography, surfing, cycling, and urban life. The underwear is made out of bamboo and organic cotton. the color and look of the underwear is also subtle.

Justin Case


Backers: 65
Goal: $5,000
Pledged: $6,192
Objective: Tired of oversized text, logos, and images? That’s where Justin Case steps in. Each pair of underwear is made out of top quality fabrics with special emphasis placed on cut and design. According to Justin Case’s mission statement, “They believe in subtle branding, and that sophisticated, cutting-edge style should speak for itself – their customer is their brand.”

Elephant Trunk Underwear

Backers: 31
Goal: $150
Pledged: $1,140
Objective: According to its Kickstarter, Elephant Trunk is over 3 years in the making. At the time of the Kickstarter, Elephant Trunk had funded over 10,000 pairs of underwear themselves. They used Kickstarter to help in domestic production of their product.



Backers: 39
Goal: $2500
Pledged: $2,849
Objective: The brash image BR4SS projects is in keeping with the Los Angeles youth culture — skating, hip-hop, motorsports — that it both draws from and sells to. Not too many premium men’s underwear brands approach that market, so they’re sure to have an eager customer base. “It’s about a confident, let’s-get-it attitude. It conveys feeling and confidence, a sort of I can get through this, I can make this happen ethos,” Travis Siflinger, the founder of BR4SS, said. “No matter what your situation, confidence is important, especially when you’re trying to deal with nonsense. If you’re trying to land a [skate] trick, pull that lady’s number at the bar, or going after your dreams, you need brass balls to make that happen. And your underwear is the foundation of your entire day.”


Backers: 870
Goal: $46,695
Pledged: $57,138
Objective: CEO Anthony Ferraro conceived the idea for SWAV after strolling past a Victoria’s Secret. He wanted to make high quality underwear for men. SWAV uses NASA Outlast Technology, a material that reacts to the temperature around you. “SWAV looks to be the leaders in underwear innovation,” Ferraro said in an interview with Nextshark.com. “Firstly, we have hand selected our fabrics to support you with comfort and functionality throughout the day. Going from work or school, into the gym, the same product could be worn without damaging or wear and tear to our product. No longer do men have to change from underwear into compression short when going to exercise. We selected a specialized waistband that is durable and comfortable as well, with the attractive SWAV logo and design (not another man’s name around our waist, ex. Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy John) .”

Speakeasy Briefs

Backers: 849
Goal: $10,000
Pledged: $32,616
Objective: Founders Jeff Schneider and Dan Goldman wanted to provide a way for gentlemen to keep certain items private, by—well, carrying them near their privates. The zip front pocket in their innovative design allows for various personal items such as phones, wallets, keys, even flasks to be carried below the belt. We can’t help but point out other well-intended side effects of a front pocket bulging with personal items—with so many design technologies geared towards package enhancement, might as well put your pouch to good use at the same time.


Backers: 137
Goal: $1,000
Pledged: $5, 115
Objective: One of the newest underwear brands on the market, UFM (Underwear For Men) has created something in underwear we have never seen before. Introducing the UFM’s conduit system, which is here to revolutionize underwear as you know it. Like your favorite pair of jeans, most underwear feels great at first, but throughout the day, things start to get baggy, and then a little saggy. That is why UFM has stepped up with their patent pending underwear technology. The conduit system has a ‘drawstring’ that circles the inside of the crotch pouch with two strings that come out on the top of the underwear. When you wish things would be more form fitting, simply pull the strings and like magic, those undies have just pulled a Optimus Prime-like move and turned into a more form fitting and tightly shaped underwear.

Flint & Tinder


Backers: 5,578
Goal: $30,000
Pledged: $291, 493
Objective: Jake Bronstein, an entrepreneur whose past credits include being a founding editor at FHM magazine and creating Buckyballs, has gotten into the underwear game. Using funding from Kickstarter, Jake has created a company that makes high quality underwear in America. Flint and Tinder is also committed to growing American jobs.  Speaking on its job creation, the brand said, “For every 1,000 pair of underwear we sell per month, at least one sustainable job is added within our supply chain.”

Adventure Underwear

Backers: 374
Goal: $30,000
Pledged: $32,955
Objective: Adventure Underwear’s mission is to provide a practical solution to safeguarding your valuables when you travel, without sacrificing comfort or style. They’ve created a practical solution to preventing travel theft in the form of premium merino wool underwear with hidden waterproof pockets that keep your valuables safe anytime, anywhere. “After hearing countless stories from fellow world travelers about stolen cameras, passports, and wallets, we knew we had to develop a solution to safeguard our valuables,” said founders Nigel Clifford and Franklin Cole. “The traditional approaches like money belts are uncomfortable, difficult to access, and obvious to criminals and pick pocketers. We interviewed hundreds of travelers and discovered that other people were having the same frustrations as us, so we took our idea to prototype. Two things we learned from speaking to fellow travelers is that our underwear had to be both comfortable AND practical.”

Helux Gear

Backers: 135
Goal: $2500
Pledged: $4982
Objective: A project started by Greg Donmoyer, Helux Gear is an underwear concept centered around the pouch. In the Kickstarter video, Greg explains the (abridged) history of men’s underwear, highlighting pouch issues that he believes are not tackled by existing brands. “I believe the need exists for men’s underwear that is both comfortable and functional. After many disappointments I developed my own,” said Donmoyer. Helux Gear uses a special fly design that makes sure the pouch remains closed when not in use, but opens easily when needed. 

Video Credit: Kickstarter


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