This Week In Men’s Underwear – January 22 2014


This was one luxurious week at The Underwear Expert. Many unique collections with fine fabrics appeared as the latest New Arrivals in men’s underwear and we are excited to share them with you. From Swiss Cotton to Denim, the range of fabrics were the biggest defining factor, with many great looks for the spring and summer — enough to take our minds off the Polar Vortex’s second coming. See the newest in men’s underwear below for our roundup of this week in the best of men’s underwear, January 22 2014.

Andrew Christian catches an early spring breeze with the NanoFit Breeze collection which has a warm blue and pink striped pattern — perfect to wear under your Easter dinner outfit. 
Ginch Gonch’s Athlete collection is getting us geared up for the Superbowl and spring training in the next few months. 
Joe’s came out with two opposite lines this past week. Check out their Boxer Briefs in Colors for a bright pop, or go with their neutral collection, the Superfine Boxer Button-Fly collection.
Jor’s Active range is just waiting to breathe in that first day of fresh spring air with its mesh fabrication. 
Rounderbum gave us a much needed boost this week with the Basic Jock Brief collection, which has a package enhancing front and open back. 
Skmpeez’s Zingham and Zpartan collections have jumped the gun with plaid inspired pairs of swimwear. 
Tani introduced us to exotic and luxurious fabrics with their Air Fitness and Swiss Cotton collections. 
Tengo’s Hardware range proved that denim will be making a comeback this season, and we can’t see more of it!
Undergear’s Core Contour collection is made from superiorly soft material, and the contour pouch will show off your best assets. 

Photo Credit: Undergear, Joe’s Tani, Tengo, Andrew Christian and Jor.


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  1. marialette1 says:

    I just saw a picture of a HOM brief with a naughty front design: a woman holding its lodger. 
    Can’t find it on this website. Is it available in the UK?

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