Versace: Biker Is The New Cowboy


Mother of Cool Donatella Versace knows a thing or two about fashion, and we here at the Underwear Expert we know a thing or two about underwear — so when the legendary Italian fashion house launched its new cowboy-themed collection at Milan Fashion Week, we had to say we were pretty pleased. Wild, Wild West-inspired prints, rhinestone-encrusted leather, studs and silk — yes, but, the best part, I think we can all agree, were the chaps. The chaps, which made way for what we care about the most: underwear.

Bandana-print briefs, to be exact. In blue, black, and white, these undergarments were an unexpectedly hip and refreshing take on a forever classic, reminding us that it’s still always possible to be surprised by good style. Versace said, “Underwear is a huge part of our business.” We would have to agree. Check out the gallery below and let us know what you think by commenting or or tweeting us at @underwearexpert.


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