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UnderFit is the newest undershirt you want on your back. The idea came to Ben Brockland when he couldn’t find his ideal undershirt. Everything he was finding on the market was either too boxy or super bulky when worn under a dress shirt. A typical buyer of Hanes, he went on the search to find the perfect undershirt, but his search came up short. There was nothing out there on the higher end spectrum and with a slim fit.

Finding out that his ideal undershirt didn’t exist he figured, “why not go ahead and see if I could do it myself. It was out of necessity and no one else was doing it.”


Starting his quest to make the perfect undershirt, Brockland was venturing into new territory. His previous background was in Finance, and he knew nothing when it came to garment design, manufacturing, and distribution. However, after some trial and error, he and his partner David Palmer finally settled on the perfect undershirt.

“The reception for the shirt and how much people enjoyed it was there from the beginning,” Brockland said. Their top priority was the fit of the undershirt; they wanted something that was slim fitting, but not as fitted as shirts from brands such as Under Armour, where the material tends to squeeze your body. Rather, they wanted a shirt that would conform to it. They also wanted  a longer undergarment to prevent it from creating a muffin top effect under a dress shirt, and lastly was the perfect collar. They pictured a sturdy collar with slight variations from the fabric to the width, and one that would hold up wash after wash so it didn’t become worn in and wavy — giving off the appearance of “neck bacon.”

After trying different modals, they landed on Pro Modal, which is blended with a touch of spandex for what Brockland describes as “a better form fitting feel that doesn’t squeeze,” not to mention “it fits the physique much better.” Other benefits to working with modal is that it has moisture wicking and odor resisting qualities.

UnderFit’s second most important aspect of their brand is customer service. They started selling their shirts on their website and got a ton of traffic through blogger referrals. They also sell on Amazon.com, where they have had a ton of success that continues to today. UnderFit stands out amongst other undershirt brands because they also promise a lifetime policy, but since they started to sell in 2012 they have only had a 1.05% return rate, and many repeat customers with a little over 40% of them coming back for more. Everything is also designed, manufactured, and distributed in the U.S.

Since their very first prototype, the shirts have undergone re-evaluation, all thanks to the comments and recommendations they have gotten from customers. “People are always sort of surprised when they send a question our way and they get a response back in 20 minutes,” said Brockland.

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  1. Noah Tepperman says:

    After a recent closet purge I’ve been on the hunt for a brand of undershirt that meets my needs & expectations. I keep hearing the Tommy John ads on XM so I started my search there, but quickly found myself looking at Mack Weldon & Underfit instead – and this post (and site) was helpful in that process, so thanks.

    Anyway, I think I’m going to have to buy 1 of each and do some empirical testing. Off to Amazon!

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