Tumblr Model Of The Month: Jake Hitch

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Our first tumblr model of the month, Jake Hitch, had received the most likes on our Underwear Expert Model Search tumblr last month. Because you thought he was worth a second look, we contacted him for a short Q&A and asked him to model some of our favorite brands in the way a tumblr model of the month would, via selfie. That said, Jake went above and beyond, setting up a separate professional shoot as well. Wearing purple Joe Snyder briefs, this gymnastics enthusiast showed off his moves and proved to be more than meets the eye.

Get to know Jake as well as view some of his pics below. Do you have what it takes to be The Underwear Expert Model of the Month? Submit your photos to our Model Search tumblr.

thumbBorn: Alexandria, KY (15 minutes from Cincinnati, OH)

Current Location: Still in Alexandria.

Relationship Status: Single!

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Height: 5’9 ½’’ (the ½” is super important haha.)

Weight: 165 lbs.

Waist: 30 or 31.

Shoe: 8.5

Hair Color: It changes on my mood… I’m a natural blonde, but I think brunettes have more fun.

Eye Color: Blue!


The Underwear Expert: How did you hear about the Underwear Expert? Favorite part of the site?

Jake Hitch: I believe I saw it on tumblr as a trending topic, and just clicked on it to see what it was about. I’ve been a follower ever since. I love seeing the pictures people post of themselves. It’s inspiring to see so many people be so proud of what they have!

TUX: Which underwear model inspires you and why?

JH: Jon Varak is probably my favorite underwear model. Besides the fact that he lives in KENTUCKY, he inspires me because he’s a shorter dude like myself- and it hasn’t let that stop him from having a gigantic career. I hope to follow in his footsteps.

TUX: If you could model for one underwear brand, what would it be and why?

JH: To be an Andrew Christian model would be a dream come true!  I also saw Marco Marco’s newest collection, and I’m in LOVE with all of it.

TUX: What is your current occupation?

JH: I’m a starving artist haha. I’m a singer/dancer/actor, just looking for my place in the business. I’m home for awhile now performing a bit and regrouping before heading back out.

TUX: What is a fun fact about yourself?

JH: I have been a gymnast since the age of 5. I was a five-time trampoline and tumbling national age group champion, all before the age of 11. I still tumble these days, and have turned my love for the sport into coaching some amazing cheerleaders and gymnasts! Gymnastics has always been a huge part of me.

TUX: What are the steps to taking the perfect selfie?

JH: First, take the picture from straight on or above! Secondly, always find your light. Then, laugh into your smile. Finally, remind yourself that you’re SEXY and take the picture!

TUX: How would you describe your confidence and self esteem?

JH: I try to be as confident as possible without being cocky, but I definitely have my own insecurities. It’s important to tell yourself that you’re beautiful every day. My self-esteem has definitely come a long way from being a bullied, scared little 12 year old. I’m proud of where I am today, but I always strive to be better.

Check out our tumblr model taking his perfect selfie below as well as more pics from a professional shoot. More with Jake after the jump.

TUX: Do you want to model underwear? If so, what steps are you taking to pursue your dream?

JH: I have just started to become very interested in the world of underwear modeling. I will be out in LA for a bit in January, so hopefully I can get the ball rolling while there!

TUX: What’s your favorite pair of underwear you own? Least favorite?

JH: My Aussiebum “Billy” undies are my favorite! So freaking soft and snug! I think my least favorite are any pair that I’ve held onto from when I wore boxer briefs… just because I don’t prefer that style anymore. I’m definitely a brief guy.

TUX: Tell us about a moment in life that helped shape you.

JH: I would never say that being bullied so much through school was a blessing, but it DEFINITELY made me the strong individual that I am today. It’s made me passionate about sharing that with today’s youth. Middle and high school were filled with some of the most horrific memories of my life, from being yelled at, to singled out, to being a victim of verbal and physical abuse.  Having a close family and a tight group of friends around me saved my life, literally. I’m so grateful and thankful to have them in my life.

TUX: Anything else you would like to add?

JH: Make someone smile every day. Be the person to make a difference. Love yourself, unconditionally!

Photo Credit: via Jake Hitch


0 thoughts on “Tumblr Model Of The Month: Jake Hitch

  1. DeeRock68 says:

    Do “I” have what it takes to be a UE selfie model? HELL NO!!! I could if I lose this gut of mine, then I may have a chance, even at 45. However, I DO luv seeing these guys strut their stuff. Gay or straight, they look phenomenal in their undies. They inspire me to do better about my issues with my weight – especially, since I am one who likes parading around in my undies.

  2. EvelynHitch says:

    As the mother of this phenomenal man, I am proud of his interview and the photos.  Jake is an incredible person and an absolutely talented young man who is passionate about life and the possibilities it offers.  He exudes confidence without arrogance, asserts himself and possesses all of the qualities that I wish more people would exibit. I am proud of the person he has become and my wish for him is to find the peace, love and happiness– spiritually, emotionally and professionally that he is searching for in his life.  He has succeeded in everything he has done thus far and I have no doubt that this will continue.  Great job Jake-Jeremy, Dad, me and all of your family and friends have no DOUBT that good things await you.  As always, all of my unconditional love and support.


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