Skmpeez Zingham and Zpartan Bandz


Toronto-based company Skmpeez may have launched out of a desire to create the ideal male swimsuit, but they’ve definitely broadened their horizons into creating sexy, comfortable underwear as well. And lucky for us! These guys are masters when it comes to “getting your sexy on,” with their wide range of boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs, as well as their fun, well-fitted suits.

The latest from Skmpeez are the Zingham Bandz ($48) and the Zpartan Bandz ($48). Both swimsuits are made out of a 84% polyester/16% spandex blend, and lined with 100% polyester, for ultimate comfort and flexibility. They also have double lining in the front and reinforced stitching, so you know these babies will last you for years. The Zingham suit comes with a black body and teal colored plaid waistband, and the Zpartan comes in black with a wine colored plaid waistband. Both are low-rise and built to fit you just right. Will you be rocking the newest swimwear from Skmpeez on your next vacation? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us at @underwearexpert.

The Zingham Bandz is available in size M.
The Zpartan Bandz is available in sizes S-L.

For more information on the brand: Skmpeez

Photo Credit: Skmpeez

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