Kellan Lutz Covers Your Nuts

Kellan Lutz, the newest hunk to play Demi-God Hercules had quite a week centered around underwear. 

Lutz gave us a flash of his Abbot + Main waistband while promoting his new film, “The Legend of Hercules,” in Los Angles on January 9. During his interview with Extra he eagerly hiked up his underwear to show off the Venice based lifestyle brand that he collaborates with and models for. Way to rep your brand Kellan!

While we were glad to get a quick glimpse of his waistband – Kellan should totally send us a Waistband Wednesday picture – we were a little disappointed it wasn’t an undergarment from his latest fashion venture, Lut’s Loincloths. During an interview with MTV for “After Hours With Josh Horowitz,” Lutz pitches his latest underwear trend for the hip TV station. Watch the video below to see why Lutz cherishes comfort above anything else.

Lutz has been sporting loincloths for the past few months while filming, and it seems they really impacted his life. We’d be interested to see these loincloths become a real thing, would you? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Just Jared and Calvin Klein


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