Introducing to the ring…Wild Milk

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It looks like the milkman has come early! Introducing Wild Milk Underwear!

Following the dairy inspired trends that began with Milkman Underwear, Soy Underwear and aussieBum’s Milk hipster-cut brief line, the Istanbul-based Wild Milk mixes Brazil’s vibrant hues with traditionally All-American style.

“Wild, tough-sexy. Milk, plain-stylish. A fit and colorful style that enhances the dynamism and energy of the male body! Wild Milk especially designs its collections for men who live for the moment and lead a modern life style, men who keep their private life private and men who are courageous and trustworthy,” says designer Erhan Tomar.

Judging by the looks of it, Tomar is right on the money. Hitting the locker room with sparring gloves in hand and a mean right hook, this young brand is looking to land the perfect knockout.

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Photo Credit: Wild Milk


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