Garrett Neff Goes Pro & More Underwear Model Instagram Pics

CTL: Mack Weldon

Garrett Neff

This week in underwear model social media, we get a sense from model Garrett Neff that he is all too ready for the Super Bowl. Wearing Cowboys garb, the model poses in a way that we doubt any football player would. Now, the questions on everybody’s mind… what underwear is he wearing under that uniform and why Dallas?

The boys from Andrew Christian have been hard at work on social media this week. And by boys, we mean the dynamic duo of Murray Swanby and Pablo Hernandez. After the release of the Andrew Christian Candy Pop video, we can understand why these two were “hard at work” eating various foods in “not erotic at all” ways. From bananas to marshmallows to ice cream cones, these fellas proved that models do in fact have a sweet tooth.

Check out more from our underwear model Instagram round up below. Who is your favorite model to follow? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: via Instagram


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