Exclusive Mack Weldon Shoot: For The Super-Man In Every-Man

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Ever wonder what Clark Kent wears underneath that skintight costume or his more subtle suit and tie? After seeing this photo shoot, we would guess Mack Weldon.

Texan photographer Calvin Brockington created this spread exclusively for The Underwear Expert using only items from Mack Weldon. With his signature curly-q bang and a pair of square-framed glasses thrown on, model Trevor Burchett resembles our favorite hunky DC hero. Getting ready for the day, he wears striped socks (seamless, with a cushioned footbed for maximum comfort), accompanied with the new woven boxers — tailored for a great fit. He also rocks a pair of our personal favorites, the Tawny Port briefs.

Burchett pairs the ultra soft V-Undershirt with a pair of the Mineral Yellow briefs, and he wears the True Black boxer briefs — to be worn with everything or nothing else — solo.

Which Mack Weldon styles are your favorite? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Mack Weldon


Photo Credit: Calvin Brockington

Sponsored by Mack Weldon.


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