Buy David Beckham’s Underwear Instantly

David Beckham's underwear

For the first time ever, you can purchase underwear without leaving your couch or logging onto the computer.

In 2012, international soccer star David Beckham transformed the underwear market by partnering with major retailer H&M on an exclusive underwear line. Since the collection’s launch, his endorsed pairs of skivvies have received overwhelming popularity and off the chart sales, and the powerhouse team is looking to change the game once again.

While enjoying this year’s biggest sporting event, experience a commercial advertisement unlike any other. The Superbowl is already known for airing the newest and most creative commercials in between touchdowns, and this year the Superbowl XLVIII will air a commercial that has never been done before. The anticipated David Beckham and H&M underwear commercial set to air has a twist this year – if you have a Samsung Smart TV. After Becks is done running around your screen in (hopefully) just his undies, a pop-up will appear that lets you purchase the newest collection through the TV. Using just a remote, Samsung Smart TV owners will be transferred to an H&M webpage where they can check out the latest looks and buy them directly. Needless to say, this is selling technique is revolutionary, and if the numbers add up after the Superbowl, expect to see more and more pop-ups on your daily shows offering items for sale. Welcome to 2014!

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For more information on the brand: H&M


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