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Born out of the state of Colorado in 1999, Baskit was founded on the principles of bringing fashionable, functional, and comfortable underwear to every man’s drawer. With the promise of “catering to the everyday needs of stylish men,” the brand never compromises its core dedication to fit and feel in order to satisfy the latest styles. Baskit simply rolls the three elements flawlessly together.

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To create the many amazing collections Baskit offers, they use the highest quality of fabrics and top-notch designs. They are known for taking a unique and innovative approach when coming up with new looks and collections. The brand covers all styles of underwear: Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Trunks, Jockstraps, Boxer Shorts and even Jockbriefs — a combination of jock and brief — which Baskit is credited as the first to create. Combining the best of both cuts of underwear, a Jockbrief offers double the support in both the front and back, while still giving off the flintiness of a jock.


The collections found at Baskit are endless and each one is very different from the next. From the vastly popular America line, made from 100% American resources, to the Billy Boy collection, which is annually promoted with condoms to help raise awareness for safe sex, there is something for everyone; and, Baskit continues to appeal to every man. Some of the collections also experiment with different fabrics and materials, such as the Ribbed collection, and the 100% earth friendly Pure collection.

In 2008 Baskit expanded their brand by adding a swimwear and loungewear line, which has been well received. Over the past 15 years, Baskit has built an esteemed reputation in the underwear industry through their dedication to making some of the best undergarments in America. The brand has gained national and international attention by being featured on magazine covers and spreads, and styled on famous models for renowned photographers. Many of their collections have caught the attention of major media outlets.

Baskit does more than just help men feel great about their underwear, they also pride themselves in giving back. With most of their production in Colorado, Baskit doesn’t forget to give back to the community who continues to support them. Every year they team up with the Colorado Firefighters for one of the hottest yearly calendars. Baskit underwear is used for this sizzling calendar, and together they help raise money for burn victims. Every penny made goes toward the Children’s Hospital of Colorado and the Children’s Colorado Burn Camps Program.

[VIDEO] Colorado Firefighters In Baskit Underwear

With a good heart at the core of the brand and outstanding products, it’s no wonder guys dig through their drawers seven days a week to find their favorite pair of Baskit underwear.

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