Ask The Expert: Underwear Under Formalwear?

Hanro Micro Touch

Underwear under formalwear

Danny from Portsmouth, New Hampshire: My girlfriend and I are attending a handful of weddings this spring and for the occasions she bought me a very nice suit — the nicest one I’ve ever owned.  I was wondering how important it is for your underwear to match your suit? I have your average go-to boxer shorts, but I feel like they will offend my designer suit, and my girlfriend. Any suggestions?

The Underwear Expert: We like to live by the motto that your underwear sets the tone for the day, and the day’s outfit, so with that said, YES, your underwear should match your suit! Don’t get us wrong, the underwear choice doesn’t have to be anywhere as near as expensive as the suit; it should just look and feel expensive. For formal events, anytime you have to wear a suit, basic black, white, or grey underwear is always a safe bet. Boxer shorts could work, but you don’t want a Jon Hamm style bulge taking all the attention away from the honored nuptials.

We highly recommend anything in neutral colors from Tani, but if we were to pick one, try a pair of underwear from their Silk Touch Collection.  They are made with some of the world’s finest fabrics and may even end up rivaling your suit. Hanro is another classic brand to choose when you want to step up your underwear game.  Another silk pair, the Silk Modal Brief with Fly, will make you feel special and give you a certain glow. If you can’t stray from boxer shorts, try Mack Weldon’s Woven Boxer. These will not only keep you comfortable and fly during the ceremony, but they will support you during the many line dances you’ll be forced into.

Tanner from Los Angeles, California: I work in the film industry and award season is coming up. This will be my third year attending most of the awards, and I have to say I’m getting tired of wearing the typical suit appropriate undies. Sure, the Red Carpet is very formal, but have you ever been to an after party? Things get crazy and clothes can come off, so I want to experiment and stand out when I get pushed into The Standard Downtown’s pool this year.

The Underwear Expert: Just because it’s a black and white tie affair doesn’t necessarily mean your underwear has to play by the same rules. We’ve been there, and we don’t blame you. A surprise pop of color will give any lucky person you meet at a party a reason to call you back. Also, we love anything with a shiny sheen: think metallic colored waistbands or maybe even something with some bling.

When speaking of bedazzled, Calvin Klein is always a favorite of ours when we want to show formal in the body and party in the waistband. They have so many classic yet fun options; check out the Calvin Klein Bedazzled Micro Low Rise Trunk. It may be in all black, but the diamond inspired logo will definitely catch some attention. If it’s color you’re searching for, 2xist has wonderful pairs of underwear that will maintain their composure during the awards, but give off a playful tone at a party. We really enjoy the Speed No Show Brief in turquoise. Now, if you want to go all out and are quite the attention seeker, you can’t miss the mark when you’re wearing the Gregg Homme Tuxedo Thong. It will have all of Hollywood talking about it for weeks after the shows.

Mason from Jersey City, New Jersey: My job was just acquired in a major merge and there is now a strict uniform policy. Business casual as they like to call it, but basically a button-down dress shirt, suit and tie. My job isn’t a desk job, but I’m constantly on my feet running between floors and within the first week my shirts have gotten gross. Stains, wrinkles, I’m sure you get the picture. I know undershirts will help, but I don’t want to buy just any plain old undershirt. I know there are good ones out there, but I’m not sure where to start.

The Underwear Expert: Wearing an undershirt under a dress shirt is common, and it provides that extra layer of protection you need to keep the sharp and clean dress shirt just the way you want it. They benefit us guys by keeping perspiration and odor in, and your expensive button-downs don’t suffer. Hanes are always a great go-to, but if you want to invest some more money and explore your options, we have some more suggestions for you.

First, try out Collected Threads’ undershirts. They have been engineered and designed to practically disappear under your dress shirt, while still providing the same benefits as any good old undershirt, if not more. Or step it up to an Equmen V-Neck — which not only is made from superior fabrics, but will help your posture, especially if you are on your feet most of the day. We are also very excited about a new brand called UnderFit, which promises to provide you with the right fit — not to mention they have amazing customer service.

Photo Credit: Tani, Hanro, Mack Weldon, Calvin Klein, 2xist, Gregg Homme, UnderFit, Equmen, Collected Threads.


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