This Week In Men’s Underwear – December 11 2013

week in men's underwear

During this week in men’s underwear, we revealed a very diverse range of underwear goods. From disco ball inspired thongs to bodysuits, the week was refreshing with products we haven’t seen in awhile. We also saw a ton of white underwear, which was fitting for the snow that has been gracefully falling over New York City and in anticipation for the holidays. Read below for our roundup of this week in the best of men’s underwear, December 11 2013.

Alpha + Omega cut its Orbital collection in half for the new release of the Orbital Jockstrap collection, which has all of the benefits of the Orbital brief, plus an open backside. 
Andrew Christian’s Skinny Core collection presented us with various tops and bottoms made to make you look as fit as ever, which we love since the gluttonous holidays are looming over us. 
AussieBum had two themed releases this week which we can’t wait to get our hands on. The Uncensored collection is made with a seductive mesh material while the Milk collection is fabricated with real milk fibers to keep those nether regions nourished. 
Baskit’s Contrast collection lit up brighter than any Christmas tree for its plethora of color combinations and cuts.  
Bodyaware also had two new releases this week in typical sexy Bodyaware fashion. The Italian Tactel Bodysuit collection is filled with trendy and sleek bodysuits while the Bold Lace collection stands out with its see through lace fabrication. 
Bread & Boxers kept things simple, yet gave us a pair of Boxers made with the highest of quality Swedish standards, and we can’t argue with that. 
Cocksox’s CX16 Bikini Brief line revealed a brand new fun candy colored update with the black licorice pink color found in the waistband and trimmings. 
Hottie has the hottest new release this week with their Micro Low Rise Trunk modeled by super hottie, Olympian Christian Sprenger. 
Male Power’s Hologram Square collection made the room glow in disco ball fervor and any piece from the line would make an amazing holiday gift for a loved one. (Hint, hint)
Pistol Pete really showed off this week with their Magnum Open Back collection which gives us a teaser in the back and the trunks give an extra peek in the front. 

Photo Credit: Alpha + Omega, Bodyaware, Pistol Pete, Andrew Christian, Baskit, Hottie and Male Power


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