[VIDEO] Funky Trunk Proves They Have Great Ball Control

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Funky Trunk Proves They Have Great Ball Control

Australian brand Funky Trunk proves they have great ball control in their newest video featuring two Melbourne Heart lads, Jeremy Walker and Andrew Redmayne.

In the video, the footballers wear the latest looks from the brand while the city of Melbourne serves as their pitch. The back and forth starts at their local stadium, Aami Park and they work their way to the Yarra River, where Jeremy kicks the ball to Andrew who is waiting in the middle of the river on a boat. From there, their little game gets intensified as the ball flies higher and further each round. Jeremy shows off his fancy foot work through the populated strip of Degraves Street and the final show down happens at the front of Luna Park where a clown gets hit in the cross fire.

Watch Jeremy and Andrew show off their footy skills in the full video below. We were promised no clowns were harmed in the making of this video.

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You can shop the looks seen in the video and gallery here, Funky Trunks.

For more information on the brand: Funky Trunks

Photo/Video Credit: Funky Trunks


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