The Tush Skivvies Condom Pocket Keeps You Safe

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Tush Skivvies stands apart from many other underwear brands because of its cleverly placed condom pocket.

For when levels of intimacy rise, the girls behind the brand thought of the brilliant idea to sew in a discreet pocket into the inner lining of the waistband taking protection to the next level. “It is built in secret for unexpected romance, ” Tush Skivvies said. “It is easy to slip in and slip out.”

Tush Skivvies also focuses much of their attention on the fight against AIDS, STD’s and teenage pregnancy. As a part of the underwear industry, the brand believes that with the condom pocket they can help raise awareness of safe sex practice. They have even created a special line called Tush Takes Action, which helps promote condom usage.  Their packaging is also an original concept because the pairs of underwear come in a “test tube,” which represents the brand’s dedication to searching for, “innovative mediums of high quality and comfort that bring value to the products.” And if that doesn’t get the point across, the sperm print boxers might!

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For more information on the brand: Tush Skivvies

Photo Credit: Tush Skivvies

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