Tarra’o’s Newest Underwear Campaign

Polar Bares Gear Trunk


Columbian underwear company Tarra’o has recently released their newest products, and to go along with the announcement, they have also released an epic underwear campaign, filled with flawless models in their fun and colorful pairs of underwear.

None of their photos fall to the editing floor; for their latest campaign, Tarra’o has used their photoshop skills to the extreme, placing the model in digitally remastered settings. The model himself has a sheen that is inhuman and only found of freshly waxed marbled statues of Greek gods.

The model poses in selected pieces from the brand’s many lines, including Basic, Elemental, Sophisticated, Deluxe Edition, Essential, Classic and Comfort. Let us know which one is your favorite picture by retweeting it to @theunderwearexpert, or by commenting below.

Photo Credit: Tarra’o


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