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Uprooting from a city where you a well established to a whole new one can be grueling. For underwear model, Johna Myers, it was a challenge he didn’t mind taking on head on. It didn’t hurt that he would make the journey with his boyfriend Josh, known in the nightlife world as Drag superstar Rhea Litre. That said, Johna has always lived his life with an independent spirit, willing to express himself through dance, art, style, or fitness.

We sat down with Johna for a one on one chat on a rather cold day in NY. As we spoke to the self proclaimed “Go Go Ninja,” he opened up about his relationship with Rhea Litre, his love for Geovanny underwear, his daughter Zoey, and the major differences between the people of NY and the people of LA.


Born: Springdale, Arkansas

Current Location: New York, New York

Relationship Status: Taken

Astrological Sign: Libra

Height: 5′ 10″

Weight: 172 lbs

Waist: 30″/31″…I got a booty on me

Shoe: 10 in Nikes/Adidas; Reebok 9 1/2

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Ethnicity: Polish with a little bit of Irish

My favorite 80s song is…Don’t You Want Me by The Human League.

The move to NY from LA was…harder than when we thought and easier than we thought. Everything worked smoothly in terms of getting set up here with a place and starting to go out and getting on lists. But, things have been on and off with work. Rhea Litre and I are doing our first nightclub night Saturday, Dec. 21. We’re working as promotors for the first time in either of our careers. So, it’s exciting. We’re throwing a party. We want it to be fashionable. It’s a party with the main focus being equality. We’re going to have four dancers, one is a guest from LA. I feel good about it.

Rhea Litre…is my boyfriend. I love him 100 %. He’s my life. Right now, we like being able to team up and work together. Spend a lot of time together. It made us this team. What team Rhona is to us is a combination of our talents. My boyfriend can sing. He’s got singles out. I have my dancing background. And both of us have social media. We’ve been able to do a lot together.

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The people in New York are…grimy. I really dig that. I’m not about people sitting in VIP on their phones. People in NY are willing to do a lot of work to get ahead. I have a lot of respect for that.

My favorite kind of underwear is…Geovanny. The Alexander is a personal favorite of mine. It’s classic and kind of matches with anything.

The sexiest underwear is…no underwear. But, in terms of sexy underwear, I have a jockstrap I think is sexy. It made me a lot of money. I do have these pants I like to call “dick pants.” When I put them on, it’s like there is nothing on me. They are green, yellow, and some blue swirls.

My favorite shoots…were the Andrew Christian Overboard shoot and the Miami Car Wash one. Everyone was genuinely a lot of fun.

When choosing underwear to dance in…you have to ask yourself if the underwear is going to last more than a month. I look for fraying of the fabric on the top. Seams and stitching rip all the time. So, you have to make sure those are durable.

My favorite piece of clothing…is a pair of N2N neon green pants. I’ve always just put things together myself. I take things from here and there. I am really 90s inspired with an 80s twist. I don’t have a specific style icon, but George Michael dresses really cool.

An underwear fashion show is…different from each brand. Basically, you go out there and try to look sexy. There is a level of comfortable you need to be with yourself. You’re almost naked in front of a crowd of people, which can be some people’s worst nightmare. It takes a special kind of person and a commitment to the job of wanting to be a model. When you’re touring trying to get your career off the ground and working the club circuit, promoting yourself as a model, you have to maintain a level of physical excellence that can’t be bought in a bottle. It takes a lot of endurance to go from city to city.

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Fitness is…so important to me. When I moved to California, I weighed about 130 lbs. In LA, so much of your worth is put on your fitness and appearance. Some ways it’s superficial, but, in other ways, it shows your level of dedication on getting certain jobs. Up until the last three weeks, I’m in the gym roughly 5 days a week if not 7. For dieting, I eat all the hamburgers, pizza, cereals that I want. I don’t drink soda or eat candy bars or chips.

In the gym…you have to stay away from certain underwear that will go right up your butt. I wear Armani in the gym a lot and Private structure. I go for the standards. I never wear jocks. I actually don’t know anyone that wears a jockstrap in a jock kind of environment.

My fans…are some of the most amazing people in the world. I wouldn’t trade one of my fans for ten of someone else’s.

My role model is…Brett Anderson, the lead singer of Suede. He was doing the “emo” haircut back in 1994. Wearing skinny jeans and women’s tight shirts back then was different back then. Now, it’s normal. He’s been ahead of his time his entire career. Having a rock band that sang so openly about bisexuality was amazing. He had two boys kissing at the front of his album.

My first tat was…the one on my pelvis. I play 13 instruments and love music. I got it in Providence. My wrist tats I got on my first underwear promo trip when Geovanny Underwear took me to New Orleans to rep them on Halloween 2009. The Polish eagle on my arm represents where I’m from. My grandfather was born in poland. My mom was first generation born in America. When my grandfather passed, I got the crest so I’d never forget where I’m from. My grandpa had 3 jobs & no days off when he was raising my mother. I have a lot of respect for him. My chest has a Morrissey quote. It’s the 2nd line from “Will Never Marry.” It’s funny cause guys come in to flirt while I’m Go-going, and they pull away. Their faces are priceless. It says, “I will live my life as though I will undoubtedly die alone.” Just reminds me I’d rather be alone than compromise who I am to be in a relationship. Got it from one of the Suicide Girls at BobbySox in Fresno.

My daughter Zoey…is a rockstar. She was crawling and banging her head to beats in the living room before she could walk. She’s got more personality than lbs at this point. Plus, she has a father that’s committed to equality. I’m really excited to watch this new generation grow up and change the world.

Check out a gallery of Johna at work below and read on after the jump to hear about what it was like growing up in Arkansas.

Growing up…sucked. I came from Arkansas. Went to a private Christian school, K-11. For 12th grade, I refused to go to that school and transferred to a public school. I was starting to sneak out of windows to not go to school. My parents decided my education was more important than religious views, and I transferred. I have always been focused on who I was and that got me through my time in the South. There’s some conformity out there and injustice toward the way people want to privately live their lives. I would tell other people going through the same situation to be true to yourself. I started wearing my mom’s lipstick because it made me look better aesthetically. I know there’s people out there like that because I was like that. I don’t want them to be afraid of seeing something in pop culture and wanting to emulate it. No one’s been able to take over the world by being normal.

In five years…I’ll like to have a beer gut and a six pack of beer. Two pizzas and a couple of my friend on a deserted island.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Johna Myers


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