Have a Healthy Holiday With Colby Melvin and Out2Enroll

With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) enrollment plan ending December 23, Out2Enroll, Executive Producer and Writer, Conor Gaughan and model, Colby Melvin teamed up to present you with a cute and cheery PSA about the importance of health care.

Is is known that the LGBT community is more likely to be uninsured and faces differences when it comes to health issues compared to other groups of people. Now that everyone has the opportunity to access affordable health insurance options and without discrimination, the ACA plan hasn’t been taken advantage of. The many forms, applications and health options are overwhelming and take dedicated time to complete, making the process a headache for many. Yet, it is still important to sign up and that is why Out2Enroll – a coalition of organizations – decided to make a fun Christmas parody to show that this is an important cause, and should be top priority for members of the LGBT community. Watch the video below!

The clip features our resident models Colby Melvin and his fiancé, Brandon Robert Brown, along with Ozzy Valentino, Chris Adames, Asia Vitale and vocals by Coleen McMahon. Listen closely to Coleen’s song because it describes in depth why you should enroll in ACA. Colby volunteered for the project because he is one of the faces of this generation’s LGBT activism, being a part of many organizations who fight for equality in all fields. The video is targeted toward young gay men because there has been a 22% increase of new infections in recent years amongst their age bracket.

“Every LGBT demographic is equally important. But, not all are equally informed. According to forthcoming research from the Center for American Progress, more than one-third of uninsured gay men are unaware of the new coverage options available through the ACA,” said Gaughan. “Not every message will resonate with every individual. And, not everyone will find this song as entertaining as I would like. But the goal of Get Enrolled is to get people — especially these young, healthy uninsured LGBT people — thinking and talking about health insurance.”

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