The Greatest Pump Jockstraps Yet


Canadian underwear brand Pump is best known for their athletic and sporty pairs of underwear. Many of their garments are designed to be gym friendly, especially their jockstraps. Jockstraps are beneficial when working out since the pouch protects the boys and keeps them in place, but the open back allows for breathability and a full range of motion.

Pump has mastered the jockstrap and in the gallery below, you can find some of their best jocks from the most current collection. Model, Christian shows off the brand’s sports oriented jocks in the first few photos where he is wearing the Hockey Jock and Football Jock. While he is not partaking in any sports, his photo shoot shows just how amazing the jocks look in any situation.

The next model, who is very tatted up wears the FratBoy Jock in his first photo, and the PUMP! Jock in black in his second photo. Pump’s exclusive twin models appear in the next three photos and show off exactly how well these jocks work in active situations. Posing as boxers, they wear the Ice Jock, Spring Break Jock, Tiger Jock and Fratboy Jock. You’ve witnessed the best Pump Jockstraps and we want to know which is your favorite look. Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Pump

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