Get The Look: Tom Daley Comes Out

The gay world came to a halt this Monday when our all time favorite 2012 Olympic medalist diver, Tom Daley sort of came out to the world.

Via a YouTube video, Tom emotionally announced that honesty is one of his top priorities and that he had something to share with his loved ones and fans. During his heart-warming intimate video, Tom shares some of his past lows and highs to build up to the fact that he is currently dating a guy, and has successfully been so for a few months now.

Tom bravely announced this news to the world, which took storm over all social media platforms, mainly Twitter where everyone from fans to celebrities tweeted their support at him. He goes on to say that he’s never felt this happier and that he feels safe and encouraged to do more with his life and career. At one point early on in the video he even mentions that in an ideal world, he shouldn’t have to do this, but we’re glad he did.

In honor of Tom’s bold move and for expertly rocking a speedo, we’ve dedicated this week’s Get The Look to Tom Daley. If you want to feel and look like Tom, check the gallery below our suggestions on his underwear choices. What are your favorite pairs of underwear? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Tom Daley Calendar


0 thoughts on “Get The Look: Tom Daley Comes Out

  1. DeeRock68 says:

    Thank you, Tom, for your honesty. In my eyes, you’re more of a man than many others for telling the truth about your sexuality – even though it’s no one’s damn business. Unfortunately, however, you’re in the spotlight meaning your business becomes everybody’s business. Just don’t tell the media anything about your “bedroom business”. That info belongs to NO ONE except for your partner and you. I wish you well.

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