[BTS] The Mash 2013 Campaign


Brazilian underwear brand, Mash delivers us photos from their latest 2013 campaign and a special BTS video.

This brand is all about incorporating the bold, exotic and sexiness of Brazil into their collections and you can see that mission and dedication carried throughout their entire campaign. Using male model Julio Rocha as the campaign’s focal point, he is joined by a stunning female model to show off all of the other goods the brand dabbles in.

The photo shoot took place with the natural beauty of Brazil in the background. They also shot some of the photos in the lush backyard of a sprawling mansion, complete with a pristine pool. The BTS video shows the steps it took to complete the photo shoot. From hair and make up prep to finding the right lighting, the video reveals a lot of what went on during the shoot.

Check out the gallery and video below and let us know your thoughts on Mash by commenting or tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Mash


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