Below The Waistline: The Papi Socks Collection

Papi socks

Papi is proud to present you with their newest addition to the family; the Papi Socks collection!

This is one of the biggest collection of socks we have ever seen and we’re really excited to break the news with you by offering you all the details on this massive collection. The Papi Socks collection is made up of 16 ranges with just over 50 styles to choose from. There are solid colors, horizontal stripes, polka-dots and herringbone prints too and they are all priced at $12 USD.

The Mercerized Cotton Multi Color Dot range is made from 44% mercerized cotton, 51% nylon, 3% spandex and 2% rubber. This polka-dotted range in Black or Navy colors is breathable, comfortable and has flexibility.

Made from 41% mercerized cotton, 53% nylon, 4% spandex and 2% rubber is the Mercerized Cotton Hounds Tooth series in Black, Charcoal Black and Blue.

The Wood Fashion Windowpane has three color options; Biscayne Blue, Purple and Red. This range of socks has a soft touch and moisture wicking capabilities from its 53% rayon from wood fiber, 27% polyester, 16% nylon, 2% spandex and 2% rubber fabric blend. From the same blend is the Wood Graduating Sized Striping that comes in Black or Navy.  The Wood Herringbone Stripe shares the same fabric blend and comes in four color options; Navy, Heather Charcoal, Black option 1 and Black option 2. Joining the same fabric blend is also the Wood Argyle Tonal Placement range that comes in Black, Navy and Charcoal Black.

Made from 37% rayon from wood fiber, 30% nylon, 29% polyester, 2% spandex and 2% rubber is the Wood Modern Color Blocking range. This series comes in either a Black or Navy color palette and they will remain stretchy and dry.

The Wood Multi Colored Diagonal design comes in Black and Navy and is constructed with a 48% Rayon from wood fiber, 25% polyester, 23% nylon, 2% spandex and 2% rubber fabric blend.

Constructed from 42% rayon from wood fiber, 33% polyester, 22% nylon, 1% spandex and 2% rubber is the Wood Striped Camo that comes in Aqua, Blue and Green.

The Mercerized Cotton Modern Windowpane is fabricated with 36% mercerized cotton, 58% nylon, 4% spandex and 2% rubber and comes in Black, Charcoal Black and Navy.

The Wood 6×2 Rib with Hell/Toe range comes in three bold colors; Blue, Pink and Teal. This sock series is made from 74% rayon from wood fiber, 24% polyester, 1% spandex and 1% rubber.

The Mercerized Cotton Bold Stripe, Mercerized Cotton Thin Multi Color Stripe, Mercerized Cotton Multi Varigated Stripe, Mercerized Cotton Papi Logo and Mercerized Cotton Heel/Toe/Cuff  are made from 49% mercerized cotton, 46% nylon, 3% spandex and 2% rubber. These looks come in an array of color patterns to choose from. Let us know which styles you will wear by tweeting @underwearexpert.

The Papi Socks collection is available in one size fits all.

For more information on the brand: Papi

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