New Brand Tush Skivvies Asks You To Take Action


New underwear brand, Tush Skivvies, is trying to gain a coveted spot in the underwear market with the help of Kickstarter.

Founded by three women who are trying to reach a $25,000 goal to accomplish a major kick start on their underwear production. Tush Skivvies was started because the founders believe, “in the idea that people need to rediscover the love for their underwear.” With a strong company platform already established, the brand is hoping that their brand will grow and prosper with help from you and Kickstarter.

The underwear itself is fashioned with comfort and quality at the forefront. Tush Skivvies uses modal as its core fabric for its extremely comfortable and stretchy qualities. “We believe there is a certain level of comfort, of sexiness and intimacy that only underwear can provide. We wanted to create our own line of skivvies, for both men and women, that provided the utmost value to really bring out that something special.”


To stand out amongst the many underwear brands out there, Tush Skivvies has incorporated their own unique twists into the overall design and production. Every pair of underwear is completed with a discreet condom pocket, which is sewn into the inner lining of the waistband. Their packaging is also an original concept because the pairs of underwear come in a “test tube,” which represents the brand’s dedication to searching for, “innovative mediums of high quality and comfort that bring value to the products.”

Their choice of colors used in the collection is consistent for a vibrant and balanced range. They weave white, vapour blue, tourmaline, ink blue, medieval blue, purple magic, tawny port, raven and black colors throughout their entire stock. The colors are also representative of Tush’s initiative to help in the fight against AIDS, STD’s and teenage pregnancy, hence the condom pocket.


From their Kickstarter page and all of the information they include on it, you can tell that this is one underwear brand who has thought outside of the box and about many aspects to touch upon when it comes to overall underwear development and design. While underwear, “is one of the most fundamental things we wear,” the products and message they send can extend further than just keeping our goods warm and comfortable.

Just as Tush Skivvies has taken action against sexual problems, will you take action by donating to their Kickstarter? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Tush Skivvies

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