Ken Wroy: Underwear With The Energy Of NYC

Ken Wroy

The Underwear Expert originated as a gateway to provide full coverage into the world of men’s underwear; it is the appreciation for men’s underwear that got us started and we love nothing more than bringing the best of the underwear market to our readers. While we saw this niche in fashion starting to expand, so did Vasumathi S, the designer and owner of the men’s fashion underwear brand Ken Wroy, known for their bold, sleek and sexy designs.

An alumni of FIT, Vasumathi was growing tired of seeing her husband in boring underwear, so she took the initiative by starting Ken Wroy. “As designers, we like scrutinizing design elements that surrounds us. So it was hard and disappointing to see our partners in badly cut, loosely hanging underwear. Some men are practically wearing shorts inside their tailored pants. Instead of changing our partners, we thought of changing their underwear wardrobe! This was a fun challenge we were keen to take up. After all, isn’t God in the details?” said Vasumathi.

Launched in 2012, her company has grown outstandingly. Only a couple of months ago, Vasumathi won the Bloomberg Design Entrepreneurs NYC for her creativity and the fresh concept of Ken Wroy. She was awarded $10,000 to expand her brand, which is inspired by the energy and vibrancy of its hometown, New York City.


Cleverly named, Ken Wroy is an anagram for New York and many of the brand’s designs are based on the city. They draw upon the spirit and boundless fashion forward energy that New York radiates. The underwear comes in many styles such as boxer-trunks, briefs and other low-rise cuts, since the brand believes that every man’s underwear needs are different underwear. What elevates the brands is its eye-catching prints and power packed color palette, with which Ken Wroy provides a refreshing range of fashion underwear.

Ken Wroy embraces colorful and fashionable designs like the “New York Skyline,” print, which is an upside down skyline on the underwear sketched by Vasumathi herself. The brand currently has 12 styles, many of which play with classic patterns and prints. The styles have been modernized with color and twists, like the “Houndstooth Pop” print, showing off the brand’s precise attention to detail.

Stay tuned for our coverage of Ken Wroy’s FW collection and for more news about this stylish and fun brand.

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For more information on the brand: Ken Wroy

Models: Paul Chiara and Karolis Krylis
Photographer: James Calderon

Sponsored by Ken Wroy


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