Justin Case Underwear Flash Mob in Times Square

Justin Case Underwear Flash Mob

Just a few months after their NY Fashion Week debut at XL Nightclub in Hell’s Kitchen, Justin Case Underwear took it to the the city streets to show off some more of their amazing underwear.

A queue of men in matching white shirts and black pants danced out in the middle of Times Square, leaving passerby’s confused, more importantly intrigued. See what they got to experience in person below.

That’s right, these underwear models did an underwear flash mob in the middle of the day, in the middle of Times Square. The colorful array of Justin Case solid briefs – in striking bold colors such as violet, green, pale pink and bubbles blue – and the dancer’s moves caught the public’s attention as they started to crowd around and take pictures and videos of the flash mob. Justin Case Underwear’s motto, “Stop living life in black and white! Live in color and don’t be afraid to show it,” couldn’t have been embodied more perfectly than this public stunt. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more underwear flash mobs in the future. Only in New York City…

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For more information on the brand: Justin Case Underwear, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Photo Credit: Justin Case Underwear

Video Credit: Zach Payne

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