Garrett Neff In Calvin Klein And More Model Instagram Pics

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Garrett Neff

This week in underwear model Instagram photos, Garrett Neff shows us just how he got on the radar of The Underwear Expert by posing in Calvin Klein briefs. Neff is the former face of the underwear brand and looks right at home in the underwear. We’ve seen the model get pretty goofy in recent weeks, but it’s great to see him back modeling underwear.

Speaking about getting goofy, Lucas Bernardini was snapped with a few friends practicing inverted poses in the park. Well, they were either practicing or showing off how much body weight they could hold up. We’re just left wondering who outlasted the others in this game. Our money isn’t on the guy trying to hold himself up with one hand.

Check out 30 more underwear model Instagram pics in the gallery below. Are you glad to see Neff modeling Calvin Klein underwear again? Lets us know in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Instagram


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