FU Underwear Takes Over Chicago

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NYC based underwear brand, FU wants you to fall in love with their FU e=fu8 collection. In the photos below, you’ll find Daswon, Leto, Kent and Graham modeling looks from their classic briefs, v-trim cotton and boxer briefs collections. The boys are represented by Chicago based Model Development & Management, JSAI who also photographed the photos.

FU has taken over Chicago for this photo shoot, where Leto models the red briefs with a Chicago sun setting in the distance. Dawson shows that the underwear looks great by the pool while Kent and Graham prove just how flexible the underwear is while boxing by the water.

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For more information on the brand: FU

Photo Credit: JSAI


0 thoughts on “FU Underwear Takes Over Chicago

  1. DeeRock68 says:

    My favorite activity … ? You’ve gotta be kidding – doing some light-to-medium exercise in my skivvies, or walking around the house playing on this doggone computer … all while in my drawz. 😉

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