Discover Ross Hindmarch: The Newest Face of HOM


HOM underwear absolutely has an eye when it comes to finding talent for their faces. Watch this video of eight French swimmers and Olympic hopefuls sporting their designs in a 2013 campaign if you don’t believe us. Also: Matthew Terry, watch your back! There’s another young, chiseled hunk in town!

HOM’s newest face, Ross Hindmarch, a 20 year old Royal Navy Engineer, recently won a British television competition called The Complete Package, in which male models competed for a two year contract with Unsigned management, a modeling campaign with HOM underwear and £2,000 in prize money. This is the same competition that discovered David Gandy in 2001, by the way, so Hindmarch’s face is most definitely not something that will disappear overnight if his career is anything close to as successful as his top model predecessor.

The public eventually crowned Ross Hindmarch the top model of the competition, but leading up to the public were votes of confidence from lingerie model and television personality Cesar Perin, a head scout at Unsigned Management and our friend Regine Weimar, general manager of HOM.

According to Fucking Young, Hindmarch has photographed with Mariano Vivanco and has inked deals with agencies around the world.

Take a look at these stellar images produced for Fucking Young!, an online publication, and photographed by Michael Furlonger. Are you a fan of Ross Hindmarch? Let us know by giving your vote of confidence on Twitter here.

Photo Credit: Michael Furlonger



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