Brief Report: Is Your Tight Underwear Too Tight?


From briefs to boxer shorts to jock straps and beyond, what you wear down there will determine how you feel from head to toe and could have an effect on your future child bearing. Since we take it upon ourselves to deliver not only the best in underwear reviews, but advice for the bits that your underwear covers, The Underwear Expert went balls deep to get you the info you need to make sure your most precious assets are taken care of.

According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, your tight underwear can be more of a problem than you think. From acid reflux disease to urinary tract infection, low sperm production and blood flow issues, tight underwear can pose serious health risks over time if not addressed. Do you want your mini-me’s to stand up and be accounted for at all times? Then you’d better think twice before you pull those too tight underwear over them! If you’ve been wearing skinny jeans for years plus donning tightys, you can probably safely assume that your little men aren’t swimming, but rather treading. That’s a big deal whether you’re planning on having kids or not. The time to act is now! Drop trou, remove your coochie cutters, fling them in the trash (or sell them to someone in Japan online) and go buy a pair that fit you properly!

What do you look for when buying underwear that actually fits? Men come in all shapes and sizes and luckily, so do underwear. Depending on your tastes and preferences, there is no reason not to be able to find a brand that you can agree with. Make sure that your underwear don’t pinch your penis, ride up too far, or squash your sack! Pain is not beauty, at least now down below anyways. When it comes to your precious family jewels, 86 that adage in favor of your crotch. We repeat: protect your man box!

According to Dr. Rafael Lugo of Methodist Hospital in Houston, one key way to know if your skivvies are too tight, is if your testicles are tender. Your tight underwear could be the cause and it is definitely advised to see a urologist.

Studies have indicated that the overwhelming majority of men wear the same underwear all their lives. At The Underwear Expert, we strive to significantly lower this statistic or perish trying! To that end, we suggest trying several brands and diversifying your drawer(s) of undies in order to find the right fit that protects your package.

Need help finding underwear that not only looks good but feels good? Check out our newest boxer arrivals and our newest boxer brief arrivals. Maximum coverage underwear not your cup of tea? Make sure you review sizing charts before buying, and definitely read reviews. It’s hard to tell how underwear pouches are sized without having them in front of you, but there are brands we can recommend who have notoriously accommodating pouches. Calvin Klein, 2(x)ist, N2N, C-in2, and Diesel all have pouches perfect for guys with small to large guys below!

And last but not least: for those that just can’t seem to get any relief from the seemingly never-ending stream of underwear labels serving up new styles season after season, The Underwear Expert, begrudgingly offers this advice…

Freeball it!

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0 thoughts on “Brief Report: Is Your Tight Underwear Too Tight?

  1. Kenny says:

    This is great advice. But then how loose is loose? I personally don’t like underwear that’s too tight. But when I go up sizes, how much? What are the tell tale signs that your underwear is loose that it doesn’t look sexy?

  2. Shane says:

    I’m a fat guy. I wear briefs the traditional Hanes variety. Why is the side of my scrotum always being pinched by my underwear?

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