Brad Shaub Heats Up Orange, Yellow and Red Underwear


Wearing selections from some of our favorite brands, model Brad Shaub heats up in shades of orange, yellow and red underwear in these photos from photographer James Loy.

Fall may be giving way to winter, but keeping your undies the color of the turning leaves will help you hold on to the last warm months of the year that much longer. Shaub wears a variety of orange, yellow and red underwear in these photos including jockstraps, briefs and trunks. Stand out styles include the Pump! Ice Jock ($22), made from a cotton spandex blend and a jockstrap from a Papi Cotton Sretch Jockstrap 2-pack (2 for $20). Other stand out styles included are from Modus Vivendi, ZylasC-in2, N2N, and Jac5.

As winter draws near, fill your draws with yellow, orange and red underwear for as warm a winter as possible. Frost bite never looked good down below.

Take a look at these 12 photos of Shaub in shades of fall’s best orange, yellow and red underwear and let us know if you’ll be heating yourself up under your pants this winter in the comments below.

Photo Credit: James Loy


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