The Bodyaware Network Collection Shows Everything Off

bodyaware network

The Bodyaware Network collection shows off everything you wanted and more.

This collection is broken down into three scandalous cuts including the Network Brief ($18), Network V String ($14.95) and the Network Thong ($17.50). The pieces are made out of lightweight nylon fishnet materials that reveal everything, meaning you’ll catch quite the breeze while sporting any look from this collection. If the totally see-through material doesn’t catch everyone’s attention, the bright neon colors certainly will. This collection has four pops of colors, including fuchsia, lime, lemon and orange.

The thong isn’t your average thong, this one’s back is a bit wider cutting off half of the buttocks for a more supportive feel. The brief is constructed to hug every contour of your waist so everything stays in place making them ultra flattering.

Will you let your adventurous side out with the Bodyaware Network collection? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

The Bodyaware Network collection is available in sizes S-XXXL.

For more information on the brand: Bodyaware

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0 thoughts on “The Bodyaware Network Collection Shows Everything Off

  1. canatico says:

    I consider totally unfair to delite or make hard to see the cockline.
    It is suppose to be made to show how it looks in someone but instead, they preffer to hide what they do for fair or whatever.
    If you guys design or sell erotic or provocative underwear, lingerie, thongs or whatever, let show how it looks in someone.
    There is a big difference between pronography and erotism and showing genital for stetic porpuse doesn’t have ANYTHING vulgar more than in the mind of concervatives that will always see things in a bad way.

  2. DeeRock68 says:

    I am totally impressed with the look of the Bodyaware Network Collection. What I’d like to try most is the Fishnet Collection, for I’ve always wanted to buy a pair and never did. I think that I will now.

  3. DeeRock68 says:

    canatico Take a look at the Bodyaware Collection page itself. The link is provided for the discriminate customer such as yourself. Happy shopping! 🙂

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