Body Waxing for Men: 101


For those of you who like to keep it smooth, under the briefs or anywhere else, waxing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to obtain a hairless bod. It’s a great way to clean up your pubic area, chest, back, or shoulders; plus, you’ll be smoother much longer than if you were to pick up the razor.

You might think waxing for men isn’t your thing, which is understandable since it’s often portrayed in pop-culture as a horrifying and painful experience akin to birthing a baby, but that really is (somewhat) far from the truth. Check out our entry level course to body waxing for men below for the must-know basics.

1. The Reason It Can Be Painful: The reason waxing for men can be painful is also the reason that results can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks. The pain you feel is your hair literally being pulled out from the root, and yes, the more hair the more painful the experience. Though uncomfortable to some, this guarantees smooth limbs or other parts for up to a month.

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2. The More You Do It The Less It Hurts: The more you wax the less it hurts. The reason? Your hair begins to thin over time with continued waxing. If waxed properly you shouldn’t be in too much pain to begin with, but it’s a nice bonus that the more frequently you do it the easier it gets.

3. Waxing Helps Exfoliation: Waxing is great for exfoliation. Do exfoliate at home before going in, but enjoy the benefits of cleaner, clearer skin long after the strips are off. Waxing prevents pores from getting clogged and helps get rid of ingrown hairs.

4. There Are Different Types of Wax and Methods: Depending on where you go to get waxed, you’ll at least have a few options for product and method. There are formulas for super sensitive skin and wax that helps with different levels of pain. The two most popular waxing for men methods are hard and soft wax.

Hard Wax is applied and left to cool and harden. When hard, it’s then quickly removed . This is the best method for anyone with sensitive skin. The reason: hard wax will only stick to the hair follicles, not the skin.

Soft Wax or strip wax is spread thinly across the area, covered with a non-woven strip, and then pulled off, bringing all the hair under it with it.

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5. Redness May Occur: Don’t freak out if the area you’ve had waxed becomes sensitive and looks red. This is normal and lasts a few hours. You may also experience slight swelling of the area; this is normal too and will clear up within a few hours. If you’re not sure how your skin will react, plan ahead, making sure to get waxed a day or two before hitting the beach in your favorite swim briefs.

Have you ever gotten a wax? Did you look better in your briefs after? Let us know in the comments below or by sounding off on Twitter here.

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0 thoughts on “Body Waxing for Men: 101

  1. mtKinley_12 says:

    my standard wax is Brazilian [check out “sack to crack” on youtube] and armpits, so they only count when i am out of my briefs.  i feel better and i think that is half-way to looking better.  i use a product a few days before and after the wax [Tend Skin] – it minimizes irritation and ingrown hairs.

  2. Craigaleo says:

    Having been written up in NYMag as Best Manscaper, I’ve found that in my grooming practice of over 20 years, it’s beneficial to take a Cool shower with something like Head & Shoulders applied to the area afterwards. There’s a lot of heat applied to the skin with the wax and you want to shut down the pores and empty hair follicles. It’s also important to keep the hair follicles clean and sweat free, especially during the summer and after workouts, there is the possibility of bacterial infection, or folliculitis, so it’s particularly important to keep it clean! I suggest getting a spray bottle and filling it with Witch Hazel to use when you feel sweaty.

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