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Scott from Santa Monica, CA: I just recently started to take running seriously and I really have no idea what to wear under my shorts. I’ve asked so many people and have researched it, but I’ve been told so many different things and none of the advice has been consistent. I figured I’d just ask the people who would know the right answer. Can you help this newbie find his stride?

The Underwear Expert: You know what Scott, you couldn’t have come to a better place. While we are not experts on running, we do know underwear. One thing you definitely want to stay away from is anything made with cotton. Cotton is comfortable, but this fabric soaks up moisture and holds it in, which will make everything down their chafe, which is a runner’s worse enemy. You’ll have better luck with underwear made from materials like modal, microfiber, polyester and Lycra. Also, a seamless pair of underwear is a good go-to as it doesn’t catch on to your shorts as you are moving.

Solid choices include the Mesh Boxer Jocks Boxer Brief ($22) from Under Armour for a perfect fit and mesh material, which is breathable and will prevent odor buildup. Another very breathable pair of underwear is Baskit’s Snugfit Seamless Fishnet Brief ($22); panels made from fishnet will prevent you from getting overheated, plus they are seamless. The Jack Adams Body Flex Trainer Trunk ($40) is largely composed of polyester, which will keep up with you during your long runs.


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  1. steve says:

    Sorry to disappoint the underwear manufacturers, but running shorts designed to be work without anything!. There is a liner built in that is just right.  The first time running in shorts alone may be weird, but you will never wear anything underneath again. I wear an Under Armour brief in winter under tights.

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