A Long Story: A Long Underwear Inspired Photo Shoot

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A Long Story“A Long Story,” or should we say, the story of long johns, dates as far back as the mid-seventeenth century. Many believe long johns got their name after a certain heavy weight boxer named John L. Sullivan, who began wearing long john-like bottoms during his boxing matches. Others believe the name came from a 17th century knife fighter with the nickname Long John.

However, we do know the fashionable long john came into prominence in the late 18th Century, and were initially worn by women to keep warm while reducing extra layers, making their waistlines appear as thin as possible. The second wave of long john wearers came in the middle of 1900’s, and were worn by soldiers looking to battle the inclement weather during wartime.

[TREND] 10 Fashion Long Johns

For The Underwear Expert’s latest photo shoot, we captured the current long john trend that has resurfaced on the market. Up-and-coming model, David Charles stretches out in various pairs of long johns along one of the newest popular attractions in NYC, The Highline. Modeling bold colored C-IN2 long john and comfy ribbed one-pieces from Jockey, he is photographed by Balthier Corfi. David’s trendy undergarments are completed with some of this Fall’s best jackets and boots from Zara, H&M and Hugo Boss.

Check out the photo gallery below to see how far long johns have come!


A Long Story Credits:

Photographer: Balthier Corfi | New York
Stylist: Iram Murra
Make Up & Grooming: Toni Quinto Rey
Model: David Charles @ Colby Models


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