9 Expert Picks For Camo Underwear


If you have had the chance to flip through the pages of GQ lately, you may have caught on that a lot of people have been bringing out the camo print this season. Once thought of as tacky and only meant for those blue grass hunting trips with your grandpa, camo has really transformed this season into a print that is fun, often times understated, and one that says you mean business.

In a similar light, underwear companies have caught on to the camo trend, presenting camo underwear options for some of their cuts. We’ve seen camo presented in many different ways. Papi underwear has a camo line that veers away from the standard green with pink, blue, and yellow options. Diesel has a line of underwear with a camo waistband. If it’s a cold November for you, Hanes has union suit that is camo. For the man who loves mesh and sheer undies, Bodyaware and Pistol Pete have you covered…well…sort of.

Check out 9 of our favorite camo underwear selections in the gallery below. Do you own a pair? Tell us about them in the comments section or sound off on twitter @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit:via Lupo, Pistol Pete, Cocksox, Hanes, Bodyaware, Covermale, Diesel, Go Softwear, Papi, International Jock

For more information about these brands: Lupo, Pistol Pete, Cocksox, Hanes, Bodyaware, Covermale, Diesel, Go Softwear, Papi


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