The $100 Pair of Men’s Underwear


Big Spender

The Underwear Expert reports on all types of underwear, pairs that dramatically range in prices. There’s Fruit of the Loom, which is at a lower price point at $10 a pair, to the middle range where Calvin Klein averages around the $50 mark and all the way up to Hanro whose pairs of underwear are priced right around $90. That is why we are not surprised by a pair of underwear on the market right now that is priced at $100. Made by Frigo’s RevolutionWear, the underwear are made with the highest technology.  Frigo’s RevolutionWear may be ideal for underwear nerds — especially those with unlimited budgets — but it’s not necessarily underwear for the everyman, according to many fashion pros. That’s because they belong to a generally pricier category of “performance” underwear — as the briefs are geared for athletic types who need all that extra breathability and support to perform at their best. “It has a very specific use,” says Michael Kleinmann, CEO of the site.

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