Throwback Thursday: 11 Bizarre Vintage Underwear Ads You’ve Never Seen

One word comes to mind when looking over vintage underwear ads from the 20th century: bizarre! From homosexual undertones to a Mother Mary look-a-like presiding over a man in red, mesh underwear, to cartoon depictions of men in their skivvies, vintage underwear ads are a long cry from the underwear advertisements of today.

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In looking through these 11 bizarre vintage underwear ads you’ve [probably] never seen, you’ll notice unfamiliar brand names including May Spruce, Givvies, Novelt and Unusual Underthings in addition to some of today’s favorites including Jockey and BVD. But just because you haven’t heard of some of these brands doesn’t mean they weren’t producing awesome products. In the gallery, for example, you’ll see “The Chevalier,” a wrap-around band you secure over your underwear for a fresher and slimmer silhouette. And you thought Spanx for Men was ahead of the curve!

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Check out our gallery of 11 Bizarre Vintage Underwear Ads you’ve never seen before, and let us know if you think advertisements have gotten better or worse! Sound off on Twitter here.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Photos from May Spruce, Givvies, Novel, Unusual Underthings, Jockey, BVD


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