Weekly Style Guide: Male Basics

Underwear style

Underwear style

Getting ready for the week can be a hassle. From what pants to wear to whether you will wear a watch, there are so many decisions you have to make when it comes to your wardrobe. When you are an Underwear Expert, you have the added pressure of choosing the right underwear. That’s where this style guide comes in handy. We’ll take care of the underwear choices that suit your particular lifestyle and personality.

[PHOTOS] Abidán Martin Heats Things Up In Malebasics

This week, we are styling you in Malebasics. As its name suggests, Malebasics is a brand that has mastered the basic cuts, fits, and colors of underwear. Though there is a focus on basics, Malebasics also features a line of performance underwear as well as a fun geometric collection. The prints of the geometric collection follow a black, red, and white color pattern and are still rather basic. This week, we will urge you to lean on the side of simplicity in your underwear. Because your week is fairly hectic, doesn’t mean your underwear has to

Check out our weekly underwear style guide featuring selections from Malebasics below. Are you rocking Malebasics this week? Show us your Malebasics style on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.


Photo Credit: Malebasics

For more information about this brand: Malebasics


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